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  1. To get to Kyoto Station

  2. Japan Rail Pass

  3. From Kyoto Station to Campus Plaza

  4. Wifi Access

  5. Google Directions with an animated Street View
  6. Google Mobile Map (for smart phones)

1.To get to Kyoto Station:

As the conference venue is located very close to Kyoto Station (less than a 5 min walk from the station), the first goal will be to reach the station.

It is generally advisable to take an express trains such as a Shinkansen or Haruka, or a direct bus services, as local train lines can be very busy during rush hours. Note, unlike European rail systems, reserved seats in almost all JR express trains cost extra (e.g., from Tokyo to Kyoto via Shinkansen, reserved sheets cost 800yen more).

From Kansai International Airport:
The easiest way to get to Kyoto Station is to take the JR Haruka. It takes about 1h15min to get Kyoto Station.

From Tokyo Narita International Airport (or Tokyo Station):
Those who will come from Narita Airport, the easiest and quickest way will be use JR (Japan Railway). From Narita Airport to Tokyo, use Narita Express (NEX, reserved seat only), and transfer to Tokaido Shinkansen at Tokyo Station. It takes about 50min to get Tokyo station, and from Tokyo, it takes 2h30min to get to Kyoto. 

Form Osaka Itami Airport:
You may use this domestic airport, if you decide to choose to fly from Narita Airport. The easiest way to Kyoto is to use the express buses. Unless you are familiar with the local train network, it is generally better to avoid using local trains.

  Transportation Time Rate Note

Narita to Tokyo

Narita Express 55min 2,940yen  
JR Local Line 1:30h 1,280yen  
Tokyo to Kyoto Tokaido Shinkansen
Nozomi: 2h20min 12,710yen
Hikari: 2h40min
JR Highway bus around 8h 5,000yen-  

Itnl. AP to Kyoto
Haruka 1h15m 2,980yen
JR Local Line around 1h45min 1,840yen From KIX, take "Kanku Kaisoku", and transfer "Shin Kaisoku" at JR Osaka Station
95-105min 2,500yen
Shuttle taxi around 1h30min 3,500yen MK taxi or Yasaka taxi

(Itami) to Kyoto

Bus around 55mins 1,280yen

A trip planner/timetable is available here.

2. Japan Rail Pass

For those who will travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, or consider to travel around Japan after the conference, it is worth considering purchasing a Japan Rail Pass. This pass is valid for almost all JR trains including Shinkansen (but importantly, except Nozomi Super Express). There are two types of passes available; 1st class and 2nd class. The pass will be valid for 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days. Prices are 37,800/28,300yen, 61,200/45,100yen, and 79,600/57,700yen (1st/2nd class respectively). You can only purchase the pass while you are outside of Japan. Please ask your local travel agency.

For more details please visit this homepage.

3. From Kyoto Station to Campus Plaza Kyoto:

Kyoto Station is big. However there are only two major exits: JR Lines Central Gate, and Hachijoguchi Gate. Please exit at “JR Lines Central Gate” (Not the underground central exit, though you'd have to go out of your way to get there).





Kyoto Tower

Post Office

Campus Plaza


At the exit, you will see a large broadcast tower (Kyoto Tower) across from a large bus terminal (a). On the left side of the terminal, you will see the Kyoto Central Post Office (b). Walk towards the post office.

The venue is behind the post office (between Kyoto Isetan Station Building and the post office). In front of In a large discount electronics retail store (Bic Camera) is our venue (c). Note, arrows in the access map indicate the directions from which the pictures were taken. In (b), the gray building in the left side is Isetan. Thus you should walk between the two buildings to get the venue.

4. Wifi Access

Unlike European/North American cities (e.g., at coffee shops), free wifi
access is very limited in Japan, due to security concerns. However, if you have a smart phone, you may find wifi accesses are very useful. For example, we have Google Mobile Maps to the conference venue, the excursion assembly point, and the dinner restaurant (all maps also work for other locations). Not many wifi roaming service exists, but you may want to consider Boingo service.

5. Google Directions with an animated Street View

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